Librarians and Zombies: Novel Presents You will Love (and some librarian trivia)

“Novel”, “Novel”ties, get it? That is my lame book humor. But these all would make excellent stocking stuffers for the people with an “oblique” sense of humor (to quote Elvis) on your list.

I wrote a post about online shopping sites you may not be familiar with and one of them was a favorite site/catalog of mine called Archie McPhee’s. They carry all sorts of unique, quirky, down-right-fun stuff that doesn’t cost much. In other words, fantastic stocking stuffers for your zany friends and family.

And after writing about it, I decided to go check out what they have since I haven’t visited there for a while. Well they had some new and really cool things! Since two things that go together really well (in a twisted sort of way) are librarians and zombies, to my surprise they had cool things for both!

The first thing I saw (and you have got to LOVE these) are The Illustrated Librarian Temporary Tattoos. They say neat things, like the heart with “Book Lust” and “Born to Read”. This is great for any librarians or book-readers on your holiday list. Be a Wild Thing (at least temporarily) and sport your oh-so-apropos tattoos.

OK, those are pretty cool, but that is not all they have! You can get your own Librarian Action Figure. Each 5″ tall, hard plastic Librarian Action Figure is modeled after Nancy Pearl, a real-life librarian in the Seattle area. Press the button on her back and her arm will move with amazing “shushing action!” Comes with a tiny plastic replica of her most recent book, Book Lust, and a stack of random literature. The card features a brief history of libraries on the back as well as a realistic check-out card in a classic library sleeve along with two bookmarks and a Nancy Pearl trading card! And if that isn’t enough Librarian for you, check out the DELUXE Librarian Action Figure. Each 5″ tall, hard vinyl figure is dressed in a stylish burgundy outfit and comes in a library diorama with a reference desk, computer, book cart, multiple book stacks and some loose books, including a tiny plastic replica of Nancy’s latest, Book Lust 2. Press the button on her back for the infamous “amazing shushing action!”. And here is a link to her “More Book Lust” book.

And while you are at it, visit Nancy Pearl’s very own website. Yes, she’s a real person and right now you can enter on her website to win a trip for two to Seattle and dinner with Nancy Pearl! Her mission according to her website is “To promote and celebrate the written word”.
Here is a little bit about her: Accomplishments: Director of Library Programming and the Washington Center for the Book at the Seattle Public Library. Nancy is best known for the, “If All Seattle Read The Same Book” project. This idea of one city reading the same book at the same time has been imitated in cities around the world. She is a book reviewer for the Seattle Times, Booklist, Library Journal, KUOW-FM Seattle, and KWGS-FM Tulsa.

And while I’m at it, here are some quotes about librarians:

What can I say? Librarians rule. – Regis Philbin

Our whole American way of life is a great war of ideas, and librarians are the arms dealers selling weapons to both sides. -James Quinn

I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library. -Jorge Luis Borges

In the nonstop tsunami of global information, librarians provide us with floaties and teach us how to swim. -Linton Weeks

And did you know that Casanova was a librarian? “So famous a womanizer was the Italian-born libertine Giacomo Casanova that, a full two centuries after his death, his name remains synonymous with the art of seduction. But for years he spent in the employ of Count Waldstein of Bohemia as a librarian.” And yes, there is a Casanova Action Figure. I’m not sure what the ‘action’ part of his figure is… 🙂

OK, on to Zombies! First of all, do you have your Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead by Max Brooks? If not, you must get this now. No person can feel truly prepared without it.

Next, here is a quick list of all the Zombie related items at Archie McPhees. And here are some highlights.

First off, the game “WWZD: What Would a Zombie Do?” Notice the lifelike (deathlike?) zombie arm spinner! And it is only $4.95. When in doubt, spin the arm and see if you should “Eat Brains”, “Moan”, “Hate the Living” and more.









And next, the Glow in the Dark, Flesh Eating Zombies Play set. “Wreak havoc on your sister’s precious diorama with this Flesh Eating Zombie Play Set! Each set includes nine 1″ to 3.25″ tall, hard vinyl zombies, complete with blank stares, gaping mouths, open wounds and missing limbs! Turn off the lights and they glow! Fantastic undead fun for the whole family!” And for more fun, you can get the Horrified B-Movie Victims and create your own dioramas. Or have hours of fun playing Zombies vs. Victims, especially after a hard day at work.

And last but not least, coming soon to Archie McPhee – The Remote Control Zombie! “Run! Hide! Barricade yourself in the basement of an abandoned farmhouse! This 7-3/4″ tall, plastic Remote Control Zombie will trudge forward and groan when you activate him by pressing the button on the 2-3/4″ long brain-shaped remote. Horrifyingly entertaining! Articulated at the neck, shoulders and hips. Requires three AAA batteries (not included).” It doesn’t have a picture or a price yet, but it sure looks fun!

Librarians and Zombies Forever!

~Susan Mellott

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