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March 1997: Our trip to Hawaii – we hope to… Continue reading 1997...

1998:Jan 23-27: Surprise, surprise, we are going to Paris for a long weekend!!! For some reason the airlines are running ridiculously low prices now and I am going to be transitioning to IBM February 1… Continue reading 1998...

March 29-April 15, 1999:

We went on a cruise to China, South Korea and Japan! We were on the Nieuw Amsterdam with Holland America and will fly to Hong Kong. Then off to various

Becky Carleton, a librarian at the Johnson County Library in Kansas challenged me to name ten pieces

The Drop, in the Martini Corner area of Kansas City Missouri is an attractive looking place with brick and industrial acc ents and a pretty bar and cute couches in the front. It looked like a nice… Continue reading Review of The Drop Bar and Bistro in Martini Corner, Kansas City...

I am a part of the #PitchBiteClub, a group of people put together by The Pitch to go to restaurants, taste several of their dishes and report on the experience via social media. On Wednesday, 8/20/2014 we went to Room 39 1719 W 39th St., Kansas City, MO 64111. Continue reading #PitchBiteClub Review of Room 39... | 2 Comments

I am in The Pitch’s Bite Club, a group of reviewers that review a restaurant and several of their dishes. I also write my own reviews about almost everything. This is a little about me and how I review and about what I like and dislike about a restaurant and food in general. Continue reading Pitch Bite Club Restaurant Reviewer, How I Review, Likes and Dislikes...

It’s been a long time since I have blogged. I am changing the name of my blog from All Things Web 2.0 to Clear Blue Dei (Thursday’s Child has far to go…)  and the focus of my blog… Continue reading My All Things Web 2.0 Blog is now Clear Blue Dei (Thursday's Child)...