Doing the JibJab Dance

12/12/09 UPDATE: OK, it appears JibJab got rid of my videos, I suppose because I haven’t logged in for quite a while. Here is a new one I just made with Sean and his brothers. I plan an update post on JibJab soon, but for now, enjoy this:)

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JibJab lets you upload a picture of your face and insert it in a video. It is limited in its choices but it is an interesting concept.Is this cool or what? It’s a bit of a waste of time, but a lot of fun. It will be better when they add more movies and things.

And unfortunately I can’t seem to add the video I created to I managed to trick it into inserting into this blog, which is my self-hosted blog by creating the Blogger post through JibJab to my Blogger post and then copying the html to this post. A pretty jury-rigged solution though.

UPDATE: It *almost* worked. I could see the video but it caused my template to get a little flakey after it. I imagine someone better with HTML then I am could fix it.

UPDATE AGAIN: OK, I’m an idiot… I realized I could click ’embed’ on my video and didn’t have to click any of the predefined items (like blogger or facebook) and it would create the html code and I could cut and paste. Duh.

Also, this link should take you to our video on JibJab.

BTW, you can create a post/link directly from JibJab to Blogger, MySpace, Facebook, Typepad and several other Web 2.0 tools.

Thanks to Libraryman, from whom I shamelessly stole, even down to starring in the same movie. What can I say, it was the best one. (his jibjab videos aren’t there anymore either 12/12/09)

~Susan Mellott

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