Conversation with Jeff Krull, Director of the Allen County Public Library

Sean Robinson and Kay Gregg of the Allen County Public of Fort Wayne, Indiana, are starting a series of YouTube “Conversations with” with important people in the Library field.

They are currently editing a set of 3 YouTube videos interviewing Jeff Krull, the Director of the Allen County Public Library. Jeff is a private and humble man and when I looked to get a bio on him from the internet, it was very hard to find a list of his accomplishments though they are many.

I found out that he has been the Library Director since 1986, he is on the board of the Indiana State Library and that the board of the ACPL honored him by naming the new ACPL gallery, the Jeffrey R. Krull Art Gallery.

But I really couldn’t find a lot about him, although I believe that is largely due to his quiet and unassuming way of accomplishing things. Some people put their accomplishments every and anywhere and there is no way you could miss every little thing they have done. But Jeff is not like that and this is a great chance to learn a little more about this interesting and influential man.

In this first video, Jeff talks about his young life, growing up in a small town. In a short clip from the “Conversation” series. Allen County Public Library Director, Jeff Krull talks about his early experiences with reading and books. The full interview will also be aired on our Public Television station.

There will be another one coming, continuing his life story and vision. Enjoy!

~Susan Mellott

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