Don’t Know Who to Vote For? Use the Candidate Calculator!

If you are like me and have a minimal interest in keeping up with who is for what for the 2008 Presidential Election, here is a handy-dandy little tool. It is called the Candidate Calculator from and it has a list of about 25 different items, like embryonic stem cell research, increasing minimum wage, citizen path for illegals and more.

You mark whether you are or are not for the item or are unsure. Then you rate how important the item is to you (high, medium or low). Fill it all out, push the magic “finish” button and there you have it, your answer for who to vote for that is the most similar in thought to you.

A nice feature too, is that there is a link to each issue so you can get more information about it. The links were eclectic, at best and seemed rather partisan but still informative.

You can also skip the test and go right to the results. Here are the top 5 issues as of today from this test:

  • Iraq Surge
  • Abortion
  • Free Trade
  • Embryonic Stem Cell Research
  • Patriot Act

And you can get a handy little widget to add to your site if you want from here on Here is what it looks like:

2008 Election

See if it matches you up with your candidate of choice!

~Susan Mellott

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