Review of The Drop Bar and Bistro in Martini Corner, Kansas City

The Drop, in the Martini Corner area of Kansas City Missouri is an attractive looking place with brick and industrial acc ents and a pretty bar and cute couches in the front. It looked like a nice quiet, dark, romantic place. But it wasn’t.

The Drop barThe Drop seating 1

When we got there, the maitre d was nowhere to be found and the bartender, who was dressed in unattractive, sloppy jeans shorts, paid no attention to us as we looked confusedly around until we went right up to her at the bar and then she stood there and gossiped with the other bar staff and generally acted put-out by having to do something. The service was extremely sloppy and unprofessional and seemed more appropriate for a cheap dive bar.

The Drop Storage RoomThere very few people in the restaurant and we went on a Friday night at 7:30 pm.

Our waiter was better but slow and inattentive. The sloppy junk closet was open with junk spilling out. They could have closed the curtain that hid the junk room and junk closet but they didn’t and we looked directly into it.

We were there on a Groupon for 1 shareable and 2 drinks.

The Drop food Lettuce Wrap Shareable 1The Drop Food Bruschetta PlatterWe got the lettuce wrap shareable and we bought the bruschetta plate where you chose 4 from a list. None of their specialty drinks sounded good although they might be good for more of a cocktail drinker. I ended up with wine.

The food was so-so. The lettuce wraps were not good at all and didn’t even have the rind cut off of the cucumber slices. Don’t get the lettuce wraps. We got them with scallops. The scallops were small and tasteless. The wraps are big, unwieldy pieces of lettuce, sauces that don’t go with it and with huge slices of cucumber with the The Drop Menu Bruschettarind still on. Making any kind of wrap is impossible.
Then our choices of 4 bruschetta plate had 2 ok choices and 2 that we thought were not good. The apple-brie bruschetta was the best and was sweetish almost like a dessert. The salami-pepadew had poor quality meat that didn’t taste good. The goat cheese and fig wasn’t bad and was one I could get again, assuming I went back. The fontina, bacon and tomato was bland and was nothing special at all. At $15 for 4 pieces of bread w/toppings, it was too expensive.

The Drop PatioThey also had several TVs prominently placed and running, along with loud music which made a potentially romantic place feel like a sports bar. I have heard that they have free wifi. I didn’t check but I guess some people  go there to work on their computer and have a very expensive drink.

The Drop seating 3The only people there was a couple of women dining on the porch, a couple in the middle room, the 2 of us in the far room and a couple of drunks at the tall table next to us that were loud and offensive and really made it seem like somewhat of a dive, regardless of the appearance.

I think that it has gone downhill based on other reviews and recently has gotten uniformly got terrible reviews on the service and bartender. I believe it has changed owners since it first opened. Someone needs to clean house. And then work on the food.

We won’t be back.

~ Susan Casserley

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