NOTICE: The Fort Wayne Aikido Dojo is currently closed.  If we reopen, I will post it here.

If you are interested in seeing what the dojo and training looked like, here are some pictures from when we were open and training.
What is Aikido

Aikido is a noncompetitive martial art based on absorbing an attacker’s force and redirecting it. Negative force is not met with conflict, but joined, controlled and redirected through power and balance of spiral movement.

It is not the art of fighting, but an art of personal refinement. The martial art itself owes it’s techniques to Juijitsu. These techniques were refined by Morihei Ueshiba to become an art that would be nonviolent in nature. It is considered nonviolent because it is designed to control an attacker rather than to destroy him.

The first skills newcomers are taught are the easy falls and rolls that enable Aikidoists to practice without injury.

All students are welcome at all times and usually there is a mix of beginning and advanced students. Senior students make a point of working with junior students so that each will learn.

Are there Belts or Ranks

There are six levels of white belt ranks and ten levels of black belts. Tests are given when a student have obtained the proper number of hours and time and can perform the techniques appropriately for that level. It usually takes five to seven years to reach black belt when training three days a week and attending seminars.

In order to test, you must be a member of the ASU (Aikido School of Ueshiba). We encourage all students to join the ASU, our parent organization. ASU dues are $25 per year. Fees for testing by an authorized ASU representative are $25 per rank/test.

What is Taught

In addition to empty-hand techniques. Aikido also contains weapons training including tanto (wooden knife), bokken (wooden sword) and jo (staff). We welcome everyone 15 years and older.

We ask that students observe one class before participating.

You may take one trial class for free.

Aikido Schools of Ueshiba

Master Instructor, Mitsugi Saotome Sensei lived for 15 years until O’Sensei’s passing in 1969 as O’Sensei’s personal disciple (uchi deshi), studying under his guidance the practice and philosophy of Aikido. In 1975 Saotome Sensei left a highly respected position as senior instructor at the World Aikido Headquarters in Tokyo to come to the United States. Saotome Sensei travels to ASU associated dojos which he and his students have opened throughout the country leading seminars and training camps and has given many demonstrations of his art both here and abroad. He has written two books. Aikido and the Harmony of Nature, an in-depth study of the relationship of Aikido with the movement and processes of natural phenomena, and The Principles of Aikido, both published by Shambhala Publications, Inc.

We are an ASU affilliated dojo.

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