Royal Olympic Mediterranean Odessy

Royal Olympic Cruise
Royal Olympic Mediterranean Odessey
Royal Olympic cruise to Greek Islands and Turkey. I went by myself, it was a birthday present from Sean. I also spent 3 days before the cruise in Athens at the Divani Caravel and saw Delphi and the Acropolis/Parthenon. It was truly incredible. I cannot wait to go back. It was just too much to describe almost. I had planned on writing a review while I was on the trip, but I was doing and seeing so much that when I wasn’t actively doing something, I was trying to catch a little sleep. I really should try to remember the trip and write a review. I hate to start though because there is just too much to tell! I just recommend that you go yourself and save me the trouble. <smile> I did have a real nightmare getting back. Due to the cruise line I missed my first flight and it went downhill from there. I also seem to have a cursed bag. It was lost and broken getting to Athens and then lost again coming back. I have it now, but I’m not sure I trust it anymore…A note regarding this cruise. Royal Olympic mishandled my flight arrangements very badly and I ended up getting stranded in the Athens airport after having not gotten to ticket counter until AFTER my flight was scheduled to leave due to being put on a bus that left the ship MUCH too late for me to catch my flight (in spite of my questioning this before the cruise and again on the ship and asking to be put on an earlier bus and having them tell me that they wouldn’t). Then I was flown into the wrong airport in New York and there were no flights out of that airport on the domestic carrier I was originally scheduled to fly with (and of course I had missed my original connection flight) so I had to purchase a $418 ticket out of my own pocket to get home then.

This was a big problem, but I could have overlooked it as just a mistake if Royal Olympic had handled it appropriately. I expected at the least, them to pay for the additional expense I occurred and to write me a letter of apology along with some form of additional compensation (maybe a discount offer on a future cruise). After an incredible amount of hassle on the part of my travel agent, they reluctantly paid for $200 of my ticket (didn’t even reimburse the cost), wrote a letter that essentially blamed me for the mishap and merely said that they were sorry to hear that I was inconvenienced (but didn’t admit that it was by them, they blamed it on the airline) and gave me a coupon for $500 off a future cruise with them, but only for a full fare cruise, no discounts other than past passenger allowed. And this was after I sent my original unused air tickets back to them and after my travel agent argued with the woman from Royal Olympic in charge of passenger relations. All she was originally planning to do was very reluctantly reimburse me $55! Why bother? That is just insulting. However, she was adamant that this was all she was willing to do. My travel agent finally managed to talk her into $200. I plan to photocopy the letter she sent us and write a letter explaining the situation and send it to the president of Royal Olympic. I really wanted to overlook their problems (and this was not the only one, just the most visible and costly) and feel that they cared about their customers and correcting problems they have caused for their passengers, but this is obviously not the case. I think the president needs to know that these things are happening, not only the errors that cause problems for their customers, but the total lack of response or concern when asked to correct them.

So my words of advice are: THINK LONG AND HARD BEFORE CHOOSING A ROYAL OLYMPIC CRUISE! There are too many other cruise lines that are just as inexpensive, have the same itineraries, etc. to travel on a line that makes serious mistakes and then does not show any concern or responsiveness. Especially when traveling overseas in foreign countries, you expect your cruise line to take care of things for you, not to mess you up and leave you stranded and then show an utter lack of concern for their actions! If you want more details, feel free to email me.

However, the Greek Islands and Turkey was incredible. I hope to go back again with Sean in a few years.

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